Special Education

Raz-Plus provides a wealth of leveled PreK-6 resources that can be customized for any Special Education learning environment—from full-class and small-group instruction to individual practice and one-to-one intervention.

Three keys to any successful Special Education program are matching resources to a student's developmental level, providing opportunities for practice with a purpose, and providing motivation and feedback.

1 Match Resources to Students' Developmental Levels & Instructional Needs

Raz-Plus provides a vast collection of resources and a variety of ways to match those resources to student's developmental levels and instructional needs.

Assess for Placement, Progress Monitoring

  • Identify the reading levels for your students with Benchmark Passages & Running Records and Benchmark Books & Running Records.
  • Use Assessments for foundational skills to determine where to start students and assess their progress.

Assess to Inform Instruction

  • Comprehension Quick Check Quizzes that accompany Leveled Books from levels C-Z2 help you identify skills for instruction.
  • Use Assessments for foundational skills to identify areas for instruction.

2 Provide Opportunities for Practice with a Purpose

Raz-Plus provides books, lessons, activity sheets, comprehension quizzes, and a variety of other resources for teaching a range of foundational skills, including Alphabet, Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and High-Frequency Words, which help teachers set different purposes for student reading.

Find Resources Using Filters, Searches, or Correlations

  • Filter our Leveled Books by related resources that best meet a particular student's needs to make differentiating your instruction easy.
  • Search resources by type, keyword, topic, or skill from anywhere on the site whether you are trying to match student interest or ability, or reinforcing and practicing particular comprehension or language arts skills.
  • Sort the Books by Skills Chart to determine which leveled books' lessons focus on skills your students need to practice.
  • Standards and Correlations provide lists of books that meet individual learning standards, match skills for a select number of Reading Series, or help you meet Curriculum Standards for your state, province, or nation.

3 Motivation & Feedback

Motivate students through choice among a vast collection of resources and share successes using various tools on Raz-Plus.

Motivate Through Choice & Rewards

  • Students choose from among an average of 40 Leveled Books at each of 29 reading levels to find texts that match their interests.
  • Reward reading practice, progress, and achievements with cards and certificates in Student Rewards & Incentives.
  • For teachers who own Raz-Plus, we provide the ultimate motivational tool—the RAZ Rocket. The RAZ Rocket provides a personalized space for students to spend stars earned after listening to, reading from, and taking quizzes on developmentally appropriate books.

Show Students Their Progress

  • Measure foundational skills on provided graphs for Alphabet Letter Naming and High-Frequency Words Assessments to share progress with students.
  • Discuss continued improvement with students using reading rate graphs on Fluency Timed Reading resources or Retelling Rubrics and comprehension quizzes that accompany Benchmark Passages & Running Records and Benchmark Books & Running Records.