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File Cabinet Feature

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The File Cabinet is where you store and organize all your instructional resources. Create your own custom file folders and subfolders to best suit your instructional needs—by standard, content unit, comprehension skill, student group, or any structure you choose. This is a great way to keep your pre-planned lessons and resources at hand, year over year.

You can share your file folders with fellow educators on the same license. Sharing folders across your school or district makes it easy to collaborate and saves everyone valuable planning time. You can also easily assign resources to students, groups of students, or your whole class directly from your file folders.

To access the File Cabinet, log into with your Learning A-Z username and password, and select File Cabinet.
file cabinet
My Files: Files you have saved to your File Cabinet Shared Files: Where you access files that have been shared with you by your peers How to access your File Cabinet New Folder: Create a new file in your File Cabinet Shared Icon: Indicates a file has been shared with your peers Checkmark Icon: Indicates the file has been assigned digitally to students

My Files

My files contains folders with all your saved resources. Only you have access to these files. You can create and organize folders and subfolders to best suit your needs.

To add student resources, hover over any resource thumbnail and select “Add to” to save it to your File Cabinet.

add student resources
add teacher resources

To add a teacher resources select the file icon to add the PDF to your File Cabinet.

share folder dropdown

To share a folder, go to the menu at top right of the folder and select “Share.”

Shared Files

list of shared files

Shared Files contains the resources that your colleagues on the same managed license have shared with you. Folders are organized alphabetically by school, teacher, and then folder name.

To save a shared folder into My Files, select the copy icon.

folder icon

NOTE: School folders only appear when at least one teacher at the school has shared a File Cabinet folder. Teachers will appear under their school folder once they have shared at least one file.