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Differentiated Instruction. Your Way.

Need a K-5 literacy program that lets you teach your way? Raz-Plus leveled resources, teaching materials, and student portal address all your instructional needs.
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Resource Cards

Standards-Aligned Resources

Access thousands of resources, including leveled books, skills practice, ELL, Spanish, and more, all mapped to standards. Extend your lessons and deepen meaning with supporting digital activities, assessments, and easy-to-use lesson plans.

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Oh, and Your Students Love It

Online and mobile access support independent practice in class and after school. Students see personalized reading recommendations and can favorite books for easy access later. Plus, they love earning fun badges and rewards for completing activities!

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See How It Works

Use Raz-Plus resources the way you want: project for classroom modeling; differentiate printable or digital resources for independent practice; customize small-group activities and lessons.

Self-Paced Personalized Learning

Self-Paced Personalized Learning

Help students "Level Up" with level-appropriate independent reading practice. As students' performance improves, leveled offerings adjust automatically.

Your Standards

Quickly find resources aligned to your state standards.

Your Standards map

Resources for All Your Needs

Meeting Standards

Meet standards using the Literacy Curriculum Map, a content-based pathway detailing specific resources to use for instruction.

Comprehension Skills

Provide students with direct, explicit instruction and practice using lesson plans, model passages, and online Interactivities.

Close Reading

Help students think critically, deepen comprehension, and learn to collaborate using focused reading and discussion activities.

Project-Based Learning

Use guided inquiry and grade-appropriate reading and activity resources to build 21st century skills and content-area knowledge.
Like what you see? Free Sample Kit Free Trial