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Digital Running Records
on Raz-Plus

With our online running record tool, Raz-Plus members can:
  • Assign a Benchmark Book from Levels aa-G
  • Assign a Benchmark Passage from Levels aa-Z
  • Listen to students' recordings from reading aloud a book or passage
  • Score all student recordings using an online running-record tool
  • Listen to students' recordings of retellings
  • Score retellings using an online rubric
  • See quiz questions missed and a report on which comprehension skills to support or re-teach with each student
  • Reward students' progress through awarding stars to spend in the RAZ Rocket
  • Track your students' progress over time

Taking a Running Record

Running records are taken most often at the earlier stages of reading. Taking a running record takes practice. Before attempting a running record, read the procedural steps below, then go to the section on Marking a Running Record Form.

  • Select a Benchmark Book or Benchmark Passage that approximates the student's reading level. Explain that she/he will read out loud as you observe and record her/his reading skills.
  • With the Running Record form in hand, sit next to the student so that you can see the text and the student's finger and eye movements as she/he reads the text.
  • As the student reads, mark each word on the running record form by using the appropriate Running Record Symbols and Marking Conventions shown below. Place a checkmark above each word that is read correctly.
  • If the student reads incorrectly, record above the word what the student reads.
  • If the student is reading too fast for you to record the running record, ask her/him to pause until you catch up.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the reader's behavior. Is the student using meaning (M), structural (S), and visual (V) cues to read words and gather meaning?
  • Intervene as little as possible while the student is reading.
  • If the student is stuck and unable to continue, wait 5 to 10 seconds, then tell her/him the word. If the student seems confused, provide an explanation to clear up the confusion and say, "Try again."
Running Record Symbols and Marking Conventions