Marking a Running Record

Administering Running Records uses specialized terminology that is important to learn. Review the terms and explanations below for more information.

Two-Step Process

Step 1

While the student reads, mark the running record form with the appropriate symbols. Table 1 on the Taking a Running Record page will help you familiarize yourself with them. We've also provided a sample of a completed running record form below. Before working with students, practice taking running records with another teacher, who pretends to be an emergent reader.

Step 2

Use the boxes to the right of the lines of text to gather information. Start with the first line, marking the number of errors in the "E" column. Then, tally the number of self-corrections in the "SC" column.

When you've completed your review, total the number of errors and self-corrections at the bottom of the columns. Use the Scoring and Analyzing a Running Record page for information on how to calculate the error, accuracy, and self-correction rates.

Sample Running Record

Sample Running Record