Summer Contracts & Journals

Resources for Reading Practice Over Summer Break

During the summer months, many students fall victim to the Summer Slide and lose some literacy skills. Encouraging students to read more between the school years helps slow the slide and prepares them for success. With Raz-Plus and Kids A-Z, students have access to thousands of engaging texts in digital and traditional print formats. What a great way to reinforce and build their literacy skills!


  • Step 1 - Assign the appropriate level books to students in your class. Using the Roster in the Student Management area on Kids A-Z, you can place students into groups for easy assigning from the File Cabinet.

  • Step 2 - Have parents and students sign the Summer Reading Contract. Now your students can log on, read, listen, record, and more! They can even summarize the books they’ve read using the Reflection Journal.

  • Step 3 - Log on to the Kids A-Z Student Management area at any time and see what your students are reading.

  • Step 4 - Make sure students have Reading Room access enabled so they can browse books for engaging summer reading at any level.


  • Step 1 - Select books for students in your class. It’s easy to keep assignments organized using the File Cabinet.

  • Step 2 - Have students select which books they want to read from your book list using the Summer Reading Order Form.

  • Step 3 - Have students turn over the order forms to volunteer book builders who can assemble the books for them.

  • Step 4 - Have parents and students sign the Summer Reading Contract, and send home the Monthly Reading Report Forms and the Summer Reading Journal so students can log and summarize the books they have read.

Contracts, Report Forms, and Order Form

Summer Reading Contracts Agreement to read for 30 minutes each weekday during summer vacation.
  • Student Contract
  • Parent Contract
Summer Reading Report Forms Tracks student reading throughout the month.
  • June Report Form
  • July Report Form
  • August Report Form
Summer Reading Order Form Titles of books a student wants to read over the summer from teacher’s assigned list.


Summer Reading Journal Log of book summaries of texts read over the summer.
Summer Memory Book Writing activity to summarize events over the summer.