Assignments Feature

The assignments feature on Raz-Plus saves you valuable time while strengthening the connection between instruction and practice. This feature allows you to easily assign your whole class, small groups, or individual students books and resources at developmentally appropriate levels and around specific content areas and topics.

The icons in the menus under Resources indicate materials available in digital formats. Digital resources give students the opportunity to independently read content—anywhere they have an Internet connection—through the Kids A-Z eLearning portal and mobile app.

With Raz-Plus, you can directly assign individual resources by clicking on the Assign button. You can add resources to a collection that is immediately assignable by clicking the Add To button. The collections created by pressing the Add To button can be accessed later in the File Cabinet.

You can assign resources or add resources to collections from multiple places on the website:

Other ways to make assignments include choosing a level for each student in your roster to help them Level Up! and assigning one or more individual resources to a student or group of students using the Custom Assignment feature.