Using Kids A-Z you can:

1 Assign and listen to recordings of Benchmark Passages and Books.

2 Score recordings using an online running record tool.

Benchmark Passages & Running Records

Passages to Find Students' Instructional Reading Levels

Use these short passages as one step in the three-step process to find your students' instructional reading needs or to assess whether they are prepared to read more difficult text.

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The Animals in Summer

Animals have sun, grass, and mud in summer. Nonfiction, Lexile BR60L

My Animals

A child lists his favorite stuffed animals. Fiction, Lexile BR40L

The Spring Day

Children enjoy spring weather. Nonfiction, Lexile BR10L

The Little House

A child plays with a doll house. Fiction, Lexile BR80L

Here is a Number

Here are numbers 1-7. Nonfiction, Lexile BR110L

He Has Two

A man has two of a number of things. Fiction, Lexile BR10L

This Plane

A plane moves in different ways. Nonfiction, Lexile BR90L

Three Birds

Three birds show different positions related to a birdhouse. Fiction, Lexile BR90L

Big and Little

Many things are big and little. Nonfiction, Lexile BR20L

Ted Sees a Pond

While on a walk, Ted and his dog see a pond and the things that live there. Fiction, Lexile 40L

Near the Pond

Many animals are near the pond. Nonfiction, Lexile BR50L

We Read About Animals

A child and an adult read a book about some animals. Fiction, Lexile 50L