Spanish Leveled Books

Raz-Plus provides high-quality authentic and translated Spanish books in printable, projectable, and electronic formats. This large Spanish book collection includes 29 levels of text that progressively increase in difficulty to help students improve their Spanish literacy skills. Dual language or bilingual learners can read Spanish texts at their level and in their areas of interest anytime with 24/7 Web access to get the practice they need to become better, more confident readers.

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Abuela grillo Level P Fiction Multilevel
Alia y el trol de los muebles Level P Fiction
Alquilar una llama Level P Fiction Multilevel
Amigos alrededor del mundo Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Anansi y la sandía hablante Level P Fiction
Arrecifes de coral Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
El arte a nuestro alrededor Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Aventura en la Acrópolis Level P Fiction Multilevel
Las calabazas de Lalo Level P Fiction
Calabazas gigantes Level P Nonfiction
Celebraciones de Año Nuevo Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Los cinco hermanos Level P Fiction Multilevel
Coyote y la estrella Level P Fiction
Día para María Level P Fiction Multilevel
Diccionario Darío Level P Fiction
El gran escritor, Gabriel García Márquez Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Eventos olímpicos de verano Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Gandhi Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Guardaparques Level P Nonfiction
Guillermo González Camarena, un inventor que inspira Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Haciendo arroz Level P Nonfiction
Los héroes gemelos Level P Fiction Multilevel
La historia de los jeans Level P Nonfiction
Insectos comestibles Level P Nonfiction
Jackie Robinson Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Juanito Manzana viaja hacia el Oeste Level P Fiction
Una lección sobre la tarea Level P Fiction
Los limones y la gran competencia de horneado Level P Fiction
Lionel Messi, El astro argentino Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Maravillas de la naturaleza Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Misterioso Marte Level P Nonfiction
El Monte Rushmore Level P Nonfiction
Murciélagos Level P Nonfiction
Parque Nacional de los Volcanes de Hawaii Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
La pisada Level P Fiction
Poderosos glaciares Level P Nonfiction
Postes totémicos Level P Nonfiction
Rigoberta Menchú, La lideresa quiché Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Sandra Takayama: El peor día de su vida Level P Fiction
Sonia se une a la Corte Suprema Level P Nonfiction
Troika: superhéroe canino Level P Fiction
Vivimos en Colombia Level P Fiction Multilevel
Vivimos en Cuba Level P Fiction Multilevel
Vivimos en Guatemala Level P Fiction Multilevel
Vivimos en Honduras Level P Fiction Multilevel
Vivimos en Panamá Level P Fiction Multilevel