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Activity Pack

Grade 5

An Activity Pack for each grade level contains centers, games, sorts, scripts, and word work activities. Download and print out the pack and email or mail to families.

Activities in This Pack

Word Work Worksheets

  • Homophones (Identify and use homophones)

  • Homophones (Recognize and understand homophones)

  • Roots (Identify root words)

  • Similes (Identify similes)

  • Synonyms and Antonyms (Recognize and use synonyms and antonyms)

  • Word Origins (Analyze word origins)

  • Word Origins (Locate word origins, roots, and meanings)

Grammar & Mechanics Worksheets

  • Adverbs (Recognize and use adverbs)

Theme & News Packs

  • The Solar System - Fact and Opinion

Game Packs

  • Cause and Effect Concentration

  • Idioms Concentration

  • Metaphor and Simile

  • Part of Speech Sort

  • Plural Power

  • Prefix Go Fish

  • Voracious Vowels

Reader's Theater

  • Animal in Trouble

  • The Amazing Amazon

  • The Old Woman and the Ring

Word Sorts

  • Open Word Sort 13

  • Open Word Sort 7