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Activity Pack

Grade 2

An Activity Pack for each grade level contains centers, games, sorts, scripts, and word work activities. Download and print out the pack and email or mail to families.

Activities in This Pack

Game Packs

  • Clusters Go Fish

  • Crazy Sight Words

Word Sorts

  • Adjectives / Adverbs

  • Ends with -am / Ends with -an

  • Ends with -et / Ends with -it

  • Ends with -ing / Ends with -ink

  • Present Tense / Past Tense


  • Blends Go Fish

  • Connect Four Consonants

  • Long Vowel Lake

  • Missing Blends

  • Syllable Pattern Buzz

  • Vowel Pattern Bingo

Reader's Theater

  • Anna and the Magic Coat

  • Introducing Planet Earth

  • Ocean Animals

  • Tanuki's Gift

Word Work Center

  • Compound Word Concentration

  • Fishing for Prefixes

  • Homophone Concentration

  • Synonym Concentration

Writing Center

  • Complete Sentences

  • Pick a Prompt

  • Poetry

Grammar & Mechanics Center

  • Conjunction Sort

  • Contraction Go Fish

  • How Many Adjectives Can You Use?

  • How Many Adverbs Can You Use?

  • Irregular Plural Noun Go Fish

  • Irregular Verb Race