Learning Centers

Give your students the opportunity to practice foundational skills in a hands-on, engaging way with Raz-Plus's Learning Centers. Each Learning Center allows students to practice previously learned skills in six key content areas: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Grammar and Mechanics, Word Work, Fluency, and Writing. Learning Centers encourage cooperation and communication in a small-group setting, while allowing students to apply their knowledge of a skill.

Learning Centers Phonological Awareness Logo Phonological Awareness Centers
Phonological Awareness focuses on the sounds of language. Raz-Plus's Learning Centers aid students in developing phonological awareness through activities surrounding words, rhyme, onset and rime, syllable, and phoneme practice. According to research, awareness of words and sounds in spoken language is the most important indicator of success in developing readers.
Learning Centers Phonics Logo Phonics Centers
Phonics teaches the relationship between phonemes and graphemes, or the letters that represent individual sounds. With Raz-Plus's Phonics Centers, students can practice various phonics skills that help students develop the foundation for reading.
Learning Centers Grammar Mechanics Logo Grammar and Mechanics Centers
Grammar and Mechanics focuses on the structure of language. Use the Raz-Plus Grammar and Mechanics Learning Centers to help students practice activities that focus on sentence structure, parts of speech, punctuation, and more. Understanding and implementing grammar and mechanics skills helps students to become more successful in reading and writing.
Learning Centers Word Work Logo Word Work Centers
Building and breaking apart words helps solidify for students how words are constructed and how the meaning of words can change with affixes. Raz-Plus's Word Work Learning Centers will help students in their reading and writing by focusing on spelling patterns, affixes, high-frequency words, relationships between words, and more.
Learning Centers Fluency Centers Logo Fluency Centers
Reading fluently allows students to focus their attention on understanding the meaning of text. Readers who are fluent read words with automaticity. They read accurately, they read with expression, and they read at an appropriate rate. Develop students' fluency by having them practice with Raz-Plus's Fluency Centers.
Learning Centers Writing Logo Writing Centers
Research shows that reading and writing develop hand in hand. Strengthening writing skills will help students develop their reading skills. Raz-Plus's Writing Learning Centers will help students practice letter formation, sentence construction, creative writing, and more.