Theme & News Packs

Easily integrate literacy and content-area instruction as well as topical events in your classroom. The unique combination of materials in each pack offers teachers a range of leveled or multileveled resources, activity sheets, graphic organizers, concept books, maps, graphs or charts, picture cards, or other tools to explore a topic closely.

Have students first read the books, picture cards, or Quick Reads associated with each pack. Then have them explore the worksheets, maps, videos, and more related to a recent event or a subject that you can revisit again and again.

Animals on a Farm
EE-EYE-EE-EYE-OH! And on this farm we have lots of animals!


Floods and Tornadoes
Help students understand two forces of nature.

Haiti Earthquake
Help students understand one of the most intense and unpredictable forces of nature: earthquakes.


Hurricane Sandy
Help students understand the destructive force of hurricanes.

Reduce confusion and alarm with resources on flu virus.


Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Help students learn about earthquakes and the tsunamis that can sometimes result from them.

Native Americans
Open a window into the lives of the first North Americans.


Oil: Rewards and Risks
Help students understand more about oil and oil spills.

Olympic Sports Stars
Capitalize on multilevel Quick Reads about reaching Olympics dreams.


The Solar System
Help students understand the solar system.

Summer Olympic Games
Engage students with the Summer Olympic Games using worksheets, maps, and picture cards, and several leveled books.


U.S. Presidency from Election to Inauguration
Learn about the present by peeking into the past.

2018 Winter Olympic Games
Engage students with the Olympic Games using worksheets, maps, and picture cards, and a multilevel book.


Winter Snapshots
Celebrate the math, science, and social studies of the season.