Social Stories

Handpicked by our editors, these focused collections allow you to save time by combining content area curriculum in social stories with literacy instruction.

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At Jacob's House Level L Fiction
A Bad Movie Level O Fiction
Best Friends Q and U Level D Fiction
The Best Guess Level M Fiction
Best of Friends Level F Fiction
C Is for Canada Level T Nonfiction
Carlos Joins the Team Level G Fiction
Cy and Medusa Level I Fiction Multilevel
Cy and Medusa Level L Fiction Multilevel
Cy and Medusa Level O Fiction Multilevel
Fall Fun Level C Fiction
Giant's Tale Level M Fiction
The Gift of the Magi Level Z Fiction
Hippo's Toothache Level I Fiction
His Biggest Fan Level Q Fiction
Hugs Level E Fiction
Jack's Tale Level M Fiction
Leo the Lion Level Z Fiction
Li's Tangram Animals Level O Fiction
Maria Joins the Team Level G Fiction
Mike's Good Bad Day Level I Fiction
Miltie Math-head: Football Hero? Level Y Fiction
Miltie Math-head Takes the Mound Level Y Fiction
Moose on the Move Level H Fiction
Morty Takes a Wooden Nickel Level R Fiction
Morty and the Twice-Fit Mice Level R Fiction
Morty the Meany Level S Fiction
Mystery Valentine Level G Fiction
New Planet, New School Level K Fiction
Ocean Quiz Level W Fiction
Peace and Quiet Level G Fiction
Pedro's Burro Level G Fiction
Pluto's New Friends Level O Fiction
Sister Daisy, Sister Rose Level H Fiction
Soggy Stepsisters Level K Fiction
Spare the Turkey Level N Fiction
The Spelling Bee Level I Fiction Multilevel
The Spelling Bee Level L Fiction Multilevel
The Spelling Bee Level O Fiction Multilevel
Stormingo! Level G Fiction
Takehito's Tango Level X Fiction
Water Fight! Level C Fiction
We Make a Snowman Level C Fiction
Welcome, Carlos! Level J Fiction
What Makes Me Happy? Level A Nonfiction
Winter Vacation Level I Fiction
Wonderful Winter Level L Fiction
Bake Sale Level F Fiction
The Black Stones Level T Fiction Multilevel
The Black Stones Level W Fiction Multilevel