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Handpicked by our editors, these focused collections allow you to save time by combining content area curriculum in art and music with literacy instruction.

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Acropolis Adventure Level P Fiction Multilevel
Acropolis Adventure Level W Fiction Multilevel
Acropolis Adventure Level Z Fiction Multilevel
Anna and the Painted Eggs Level L Fiction
Art Around Us Level M Nonfiction Multilevel
Art Around Us Level P Nonfiction Multilevel
Art Around Us Level T Nonfiction Multilevel
The Art of Photography Level Y Nonfiction
Body Art Level X Nonfiction
Build a World Level C Fiction
Christmas Cookies Level A Nonfiction
Crazy Cakes Level E Nonfiction
Fabulous Fabergé Eggs Level U Nonfiction
Fun with Paper Level B Nonfiction
Glassblowing Level F Nonfiction
Going to the Art Museum Level J Nonfiction
The History of Anime Level U Nonfiction Multilevel
The History of Anime Level X Nonfiction Multilevel
The History of Anime Level Z1 Nonfiction Multilevel
Homemade Halloween Level G Fiction
How to Make Paper Level I Nonfiction
I Draw a Bunny Level A Nonfiction
I Love Art Class Level B Fiction
Let's Make Snowflakes! Level N Nonfiction
Make an Impression Level X Nonfiction
Making Mosaics Level S Nonfiction
The Mona Lisa Mystery Level P Nonfiction
Mortyangelo and the Mystery Art Level S Fiction
My Easter Eggs Level A Fiction
My First Class Play Level D Fiction
New Again Level C Nonfiction
Puppets Level N Nonfiction
The Smithsonian Institution Level W Nonfiction
Special Effects Level T Nonfiction
The State Hermitage: Russia's Amazing Museum Level P Nonfiction
Statues in the Ice Level H Nonfiction
Statues in the Sand Level H Nonfiction
Two Artists: Vermeer's Forger Level R Nonfiction
Valentines All Around Level B Fiction
Vincent's Bedroom Level Q Nonfiction
Weave It! Level T Nonfiction
Weaving Around the World Level U Nonfiction
What Can We Draw? Level C Fiction
You Can Dance Level A Nonfiction
Bird Colors Level A Nonfiction
Black Level aa Nonfiction
Blue Level aa Nonfiction
Color Wheel Colors Level F Nonfiction
Colorful Eggs Level aa Nonfiction
Fruit Colors Level A Nonfiction