Themed Nonfiction Series

Provide your students with focused content-area and literacy instruction with the Themed Nonfiction Series. Each collection of books within the series is built around a central theme and provides informational texts on similar topics. Books in each collection are written at different levels of difficulty to help facilitate differentiated instruction. All books are available in printable and projectable formats.

Brilliant Biomes
Explore different habitats across the world and the plants and animals that live there in the Brilliant Biomes collection.


Color words and detailed photographs help early emergent readers start to organize and describe their world.

Countries Around the World
Take a trip around the globe and explore the people, history, and landforms of several fascinating countries.


Giants of the Animal World
Take a closer look at some of the largest animals on Earth! Learn about where they live, what they eat, how they care for their young, and much more.

My Body
Colorful diagrams and relatable characters illustrate the human body's different systems and how they work.


National Parks
Explore the beauty and history of the United States' national parks.

The Numbers series combines number words with quantities and provides hidden numerals in illustrations to develop math skills along with literacy.


Spectacular Sports
The Spectacular Sports collection explores some of the world's most popular games, including their history, rules, and famous players.

Trip on a Latitude Line
Explore geography and climate from the tropics to the subarctic in the Trip on a Latitude Line collection.


U.S. Government
Learn about the Constitution and the three branches of the United States federal government in this collection.

World Landmarks
Visit some of the most amazing landmarks on the planet with this collection.


World Leaders
The World Leaders collection contains fascinating biographies of famous (and infamous) leaders from various time periods around the globe.