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High-Frequency Words Assessments

Assess recognition of common sight words

The High-Frequency Words Assessments help measure a student's ability to recognize and read high-frequency words, or sight words. Assessments that target top high-frequency words are available in printable and projectable formats and as eAssessments. Assign an additional set of eAssessments to evaluate students on more than 220 of the most common words in the English language, compiled using several popular word lists, including Dolch and Fry.

High-Frequency Words Assessments

Assessment Set A - 23 words

Top 33-69 words

Assessment Set B1 - 22 words

Assessment Set B2 - 26 words

Top 32 words

Assessment Set C - 30 words

Top 33-69 words

Flashcard Practice

High-Frequency Words Flashcards Set A - 23 words

High-Frequency Words Flashcards Set B1 - 22 words

High-Frequency Words Flashcards Set B2 - 26 words

High-Frequency Words Flashcards Set C - 30 words

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