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Books to Assess Students' Levels and Monitor Progress

Raz-Plus provides printable, projectable, and eBook versions of our Benchmark Books as one of three parts in our process designed to help place early emergent and emergent readers into developmentally appropriate levels and monitor their progress toward reading success.

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Funny Cat Funny Cat Level aa Fiction Benchmark aa
The Zoo The Zoo Level aa Nonfiction Benchmark aa
Fruits Fruits Level A Nonfiction Benchmark A
I Go I Go Level A Fiction Benchmark A
The Sandwich The Sandwich Level B Fiction Benchmark B
This Turtle This Turtle Level B Nonfiction Benchmark B
How Things Move How Things Move Level C Nonfiction Benchmark C
I Can Help I Can Help Level C Fiction Benchmark C
How We Get to School How We Get to School Level D Nonfiction Benchmark D
The Wheel The Wheel Level D Fiction Benchmark D
In the Sea In the Sea Level E Nonfiction Benchmark E
The Vet The Vet Level E Fiction Benchmark E
Monkey to the Top Monkey to the Top Level F Fiction Benchmark F
Terrific Tree Houses Terrific Tree Houses Level F Nonfiction Benchmark F
A Dog for Sally A Dog for Sally Level G Fiction Benchmark G
Big and Small Cats Big and Small Cats Level G Nonfiction Benchmark G
How Long Does It Take? How Long Does It Take? Level H Fiction Benchmark H
Living Together Living Together Level H Nonfiction Benchmark H
Land and Water Land and Water Level I Nonfiction Benchmark I
On Vacation On Vacation Level I Fiction Benchmark I
Animal Games Animal Games Level J Fiction Benchmark J
What Comes From Plants What Comes From Plants Level J Nonfiction Benchmark J