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Benchmark Books & Running Records

Find students' instructional levels by assessing their reading skills with developmentally appropriate texts while recording reading behavior. Benchmark Books are one part of a three-part process to help assess students' instructional levels for leveled reading sessions and their readiness to progress to the next level.

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Funny Cat Funny Cat Level aa Fiction Benchmark aa
The Zoo The Zoo Level aa Nonfiction Benchmark aa
I Go I Go Level A Fiction Benchmark A
Vegetables Vegetables Level A Nonfiction Benchmark A
The Sandwich The Sandwich Level B Fiction Benchmark B
This Turtle This Turtle Level B Nonfiction Benchmark B
How Things Move How Things Move Level C Nonfiction Benchmark C
I Can Help I Can Help Level C Fiction Benchmark C
The Wheel The Wheel Level D Fiction Benchmark D
Who Runs Faster? Who Runs Faster? Level D Nonfiction Benchmark D
Bath Time Bath Time Level E Fiction Benchmark E
In the Sea In the Sea Level E Nonfiction Benchmark E
Many Roads Many Roads Level F Nonfiction Benchmark F
Monkey to the Top Monkey to the Top Level F Fiction Benchmark F
A Dog for Sally A Dog for Sally Level G Fiction Benchmark G
Big and Small Cats Big and Small Cats Level G Nonfiction Benchmark G
How Long Does It Take? How Long Does It Take? Level H Fiction Benchmark H
Living Together Living Together Level H Nonfiction Benchmark H
Land and Water Land and Water Level I Nonfiction Benchmark I
On Vacation On Vacation Level I Fiction Benchmark I
Animal Olympics Animal Olympics Level J Fiction Benchmark J
What Comes From Plants What Comes From Plants Level J Nonfiction Benchmark J
Gorillas Gorillas Level K Nonfiction Benchmark K
The Mailman's Hat The Mailman's Hat Level K Fiction Benchmark K
The Gray Wolf The Gray Wolf Level L Nonfiction Benchmark L
Harold the Hungry Plant Harold the Hungry Plant Level L Fiction Benchmark L
Go Away, Sun! Go Away, Sun! Level M Fiction Benchmark M
Spiders Spiders Level M Nonfiction Benchmark M
Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Level N Nonfiction Benchmark N
Sally Takayama's Worst Day Ever Sally Takayama's Worst Day Ever Level N Fiction Benchmark N
Hattie in the Attic Hattie in the Attic Level O Fiction Benchmark O
Mysterious Mars Mysterious Mars Level O Nonfiction Benchmark O
Birds of Prey Birds of Prey Level P Nonfiction Benchmark P
Speedier than a Meteor Speedier than a Meteor Level P Fiction Benchmark P
Life Cycles Life Cycles Level Q Nonfiction Benchmark Q
The Nor'easter The Nor'easter Level Q Fiction Benchmark Q
The Hunting Trip The Hunting Trip Level R Fiction Benchmark R
Nature Reuses and Recycles Nature Reuses and Recycles Level R Nonfiction Benchmark R
Polar Regions of the Earth Polar Regions of the Earth Level S Nonfiction Benchmark S
The Wall The Wall Level S Fiction Benchmark S
The Ant in the Photograph The Ant in the Photograph Level T Fiction Benchmark T
Robots Robots Level T Nonfiction Benchmark T
Magnificent Meatball Maker Magnificent Meatball Maker Level U Fiction Benchmark U
Mysteries of Flight Mysteries of Flight Level U Nonfiction Benchmark U
Hoofed Animals Hoofed Animals Level V Nonfiction Benchmark V
The Outburst The Outburst Level V Fiction Benchmark V
Chick-a-Dude Chick-a-Dude Level W Fiction Benchmark W
The Sun, Earth, and Moon The Sun, Earth, and Moon Level W Nonfiction Benchmark W
Many Happy Returns Many Happy Returns Level X Fiction Benchmark X
Venus: Beauty and Beast Venus: Beauty and Beast Level X Nonfiction Benchmark X