Authentic Spanish Books Overview

Provide your students with leveled texts originally written in Spanish with the Authentic Spanish Book Series. Each collection of books within the series is built around a central theme and contains texts on valuable topics that reflect a variety of countries and cultures where Spanish is the main language. Books in each collection are written at different levels of difficulty to help facilitate differentiated instruction and encourage a focus on developing reading skills while fostering multicultural understanding. All books are available in printable, projectable, and eBook formats.

Biografías / Biographies

Learn about well-known and accomplished Latin Americans and Latino/a Americans.


La vida en Latinoamérica y España / Life in Latin America and Spain

Explore the Spanish-speaking world through the eyes of fictional children living in these countries.

Leyendas y mitos / Legends and Myths

Discover diverse legends and myths that originated in Spanish-speaking countries.


Los colores / Colors

Experience all the colors of the rainbow—plus black and white—in vibrant scenes throughout Spanish-speaking communities.

Los números / Numbers

Understand counting and quantities through fun activities such as playing musical instruments and visiting an ice cream shop.